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John Arnold. Achiote Cenote. 2017. © AKI AORA

AKI AORA is derived from the Spanish words AQUI and AHORA, meaning HERE and NOW. AKI AORA is a platform for cultural dialogue and reflection on current global events and an annual research program for emerging artists conceived in Tulum, Mexico.

We are a temporary experimental music studio and exhibition space which manifests itself for a few weeks once a year, opening a window into rarely seen processes of work in art, film and music.

AKI AORA is interested in investigating the symbiosis between locals and foreigners, inviting artists to explore nature as their auditorium. During the residency we focus on asking questions about how artistic practice and public intervention can contribute to the social fabric.

As in previous years these projects and public engagements work as a tool to document and serve as a useful historical archive of the current social, environmental and political intricacies of the area for both the local and international public.



AKI AORA has been taking place in Tulum, an area rich in natural resources, flora, fauna and stunning unique topography. Tulum is renowned for its Cenotes: a characteristically Mexican geological phenomenon that has been revered since Mayan times. These subterranean water bodies connect oceans, mangroves and lagoons, and have served as natural temples for thousands of years. 

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