AKA is derived from the spanish word acá meaning here and ya meaning ¨already¨ or ¨ready¨ and it can also be used to say ¨enough!¨ as in ya basta!

This edition proclaims assertively that we are¨Here already!¨ to respond immediately to the HERE and NOW that AKI AORA´s name has consistently implied. We were interested in questioning the systemic imbalance that has manifested in the region as a means to understand the impact and challenges the ever more displaced community faces.

For the 2019 edition we are inviting artists to consider Guerrilla tactics in their work as well as The Anthropocene. Due to the nature of these themes the public programme will be developed in public space and will be supported by in depth local and historical research.

As in previous years these site-specific projects and public engagements will work as a tool to document and serve as a useful historical archive of the current social, environmental and political intricacies of the area for both the local and international public.

AKI AORA 2019 Edition

AKI AORA 2019 Edition