6:00 PM18:00



Performance by Mario Garcia Torress

Round table (summary) with AKI AORA Curators and Artists

@ ARTHOUSE, Nak Be S/N, Aldea Zama, 77765 Tulum, Q.R

Free admission. Donations are welcome.

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5:30 PM17:30



Talk by Mariana David

Artist talk and presentation by Taus Makhacheva

Performance by Rogelio Sosa

@ Casa Sarah, Ranch San Eric, Tulum

Free admission. Donations are welcome.


8pm Pop Up Cine Tonalá Screening

@ MAXA CAMP, Carretera Boca Paila km 6,5, Zona Hotelera, 77780 Tulum, Q.R


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6:00 PM18:00


6pm Talk: Nika Chilewich

@ TULUM ART CLUB, Avenida Tulum s/n Mza 5 Lte 1, Centro, 07778 Tulum, Q.R


Performance INVASORIX (Nabil Yanai Salazar Sànchez + Una Pardo)

Time TBA

@ Casa de la Cultura, Expo Feria, Calle Alfa Sur, 77780 Tulum, Q.R


Performance by Ahmet Ögüt

Time and venue TBA


Free admission. Donations are welcome.

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5:00 PM17:00


5pm Opening Event

Short welcome: Curators Sally Montes and Masha Isserlis

Artist Talk: INTERSPECIFICS (Leslie García and Paloma López)

Performance lecture by DJ Spooky

Venue: ARTHOUSE, Nak Be S/N, Aldea Zama, 77765 Tulum, Q.R

Free admission. Donations are welcome.

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AKI AORA Flash Mob
11:00 PM23:00

AKI AORA Flash Mob

[scroll down for English translation]

11 DE FEBRERO DE 2018, 11:00 pm
¡Apaga las luces! ¡Enciende las estrellas! 
Únete a nosotros para un encuentro especial este 11 de Febrero de 2018, la noche previa del inicio de la exhibición y presentación pública de AKI AORA. (12 - 17 de Febrero d 2018.)
Durante esta noche pedimos a toda la comunidad apagar sus luces por 30 minutos y los invitamos a unirse con nosotros para experimentar juntos nuestro planetario natural - la playa de Tulum.
De las 11:00 pm a las 11:30 pm, nos reuniremos brevemente bajo el brillo de las estrellas, reflexionando y maravillandonos de la belleza que nos rodea.
Los valores que nos unen.
Tulum está al borde de convertirse en una Utopía o una Distopía.
Una utopía en el sentido de que podría ser un ejemplo líder para el mundo, sobre la vida y el desarrollo sustentable y una distopía si sucumbe ante las fuerzas de poder desequilibradas y a una perspectiva forzada.
Hay un lado oscuro en el paraíso. El ecosistema es frágil y está bajo constantes ataques por las construcciones y la corrupción. Al mismo tiempo, hay quienes luchan por protegerlo mediante leyes más estrictas que nos comprometan con el medio ambiente o mediante el activismo, la realización de películas y otros medios de comunicación.

Necesitamos actuar colectivamente, en Tulum y más allá, para lograr salvaguardar nuestro entorno natural y preservar las historias culturales.

AKI AORA Exhibición y Programa público 12 - 17 de Febrero de 2018
Entre nuestros artistas y oradores invitados están: Hendrik Weber (Alemania), Invasorix (México), Taus Makhacheva (Russia), Ahmet Ögüt (Turquía), Interspecifics (México), Mario García Torres (México),Nikka Chilewich (Estados Unidos), Nahum (México), DJ Spooky (Estados Unidos) Rogelio Sosa (México) and Mariana David (México). 

Para más información por favor visítanos en: www.akiaora.com, escribenos por correo electónico: akiaoraherenow@gmail.com o márca al: +52 (984) 253 4341

11 FEBRUARY 2018, 11:00 pm
Turn off the lights! Turn on the stars! 
Join us for a special gathering on 11 February 2018, the night before AKI AORA’s exhibition and public program opens (12 - 17 February 2018).
On this night we invite the whole community to switch off their lights for 30 minutes and join us to experience together our natural planetarium - the beach of Tulum.
From 11:00 - 11:30 pm, we will all gather temporarily under the brightness of the stars, momentarily reflecting and marvelling at the beauty that surrounds us.
The values that unite us
Tulum is on the verge of becoming either a Utopia or a Dystopia. 
A Utopia in the sense it could be a leading example to the world on sustainable living and development and a dystopia if it succumbs to unbalanced forces of power and forced perspective.
There is a dark side to paradise. The ecosystem is fragile and under constant attack by construction and corruption. At the same time there are those fighting to protect it by making stricter laws of engagement with the environment or through activism, film making and reporting. 
We need to collectively act, in Tulum and beyond, in order to safeguard our natural environment and preserve cultural history.

AKI AORA Exhibition and Public Program 12 - 17 February 2018
Invited artists and speakers include Hendrik Weber aka Pantha du Prince (GER), Invasorix (MEX), Taus Makhacheva (RUS), Ahmet Öğüt (TUR), Interspecifics (MEX), Mario García Torres (MEX), Nikka Chilewich (Estados Unidos), Nahum (MEX), DJ Spooky (USA), Rogelio Sosa (MEX) and Mariana David (MEX). 

For more information, please visit www.akiaora.com, email akiaoraherenow@gmail.com
or call the number +52 (984) 253 4341

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to Jan 6

AKI AORA presents Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith @ Comunitè


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's (born in Orcas Island, b. 1987, based in Los Angeles) compositions are surreal yet rooted in nature. By combining the organic elements of her upbringing with the technological prowess gained from her studies at Berklee College of Music, Kaitlyn's impact on modern music is distinct and significant. Throughout her youth, Kaitlyn experimented with various instruments before having a chance encounter with the Buchla 100 synthesizer -- an instrument that instantly reoriented her musical sensibilities and put her on the path she's become globally recognized for today. Kaitlyn's upward trajectory was later cemented with the release of her 2015 full-length, Euclid, on Western Vinyl.

2016 saw the launch of her celebrated album, EARS, as well as a collaboration with new age pioneer Suzanne Ciani, earning her numerous best-of nods by the likes of Pitchfork, NPR, Rolling Stone and SPIN. Kaitlyn continues writing, collaborating and composing, with plans to release her latest album, The Kid, on October 6, 2017, and embark on a worldwide tour to support it. Additionally, Kaitlyn has been regularly scoring film, TV shows and spots for brands. To date her client list includes Google, Reggie Watts and Ben Dickinson's short film Brasilia, and an upcoming movie produced by the Duplass brothers.


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