Josué Mejía

The work of Josué Mejía addresses the relationship between technological development and the political projects in which it is framed, analyzing - from a critical perspective - the processes that have given priority to certain production of technologies, generating precarious living conditions and asymmetrical social developments .

His current research focuses on the revision of technological updating projects within the Mexican territory - in its condition of processes ascribed to an economy of underdeveloped order -, directed towards a global dynamic, as well as in the use of certain processes cultivated in the counterculture, as the "do it yourself" or the technological appropriation within the hegemonic logics. The results of the developed process take shape in disciplines such as video, methodologies related to industrial design, among others.

The projects are conceived as proof of concept where the design, construction and implementation of devices - through an interdisciplinary character - allow the reflection on their operational possibility. These artifacts are the starting points for other narratives and fictions, where the latent failure in the possible insertion of said objects within the hegemonic structures allows us to observe their fissures and think about their unfortunate potential.