Unx (Colombian, b. 1986),  Nabil Yanai  (Mexican, b. 1991) & Liz Misterio all based in Mexico City.

INVASORIX is a collective currently consisting of Nina Hoechtl, Maj Britt Jensen, Liz Misterio, Una Pardo Ibarra, Naomi Rincón-Gallardo, Nabil Yanai and Adriana Soriano. Invasorix is interested in songs, music videos, publications, tarot readings and performative presentations as a form of queer-feminist protest. Through a continuous dialogue among themselves and with their imaginative friends, such as Gloria Anzaldúa, Pina Bausch, bell hooks, Pedro Lemebel, Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, María Sabina, Patti Smith and Annie Sprinkle, they question gender roles and the intentions of artists, reflect on precarity and dream about alternative and/or utopian ways of living and being.

Their video “Macho intelectual” won the 1st prize in the category ACTIVISMO in the FEM TOUR TRUCK Festival Internacional de Videoarte Feminista. Other recent exhibitions include Sonic Futures at ICA San Jose, USA (2017), Women in Work. Mujer, Arte y Trabajo en la globalización at the Sala de Exposiciones de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, ES (2017), SOUND GENDER FEMINISM ACTIVISM SGFA 2016, London, UK (2016) and FEM TOUR TRUCK

Festival Internacional de Videoarte Feminista in Spain, Portugal, Ecuador and Colombia (2016).