Ben Lee Ritchie presents: The Olivia Neutron Bomb Show

In Tulum town’s only openly queer space Fruity Bar, Benjamin Lee Richie Handler presented a new incarnation of his ‘The Olivia Neutron Bomb Variety Show’. Dressed up as alter-ego Olivia Newton Bomb - Richie Handler performed his thoroughly (in fact rather explicitly) sexual, inspirational, and musical self-help lecture on how to cope with a multi-verse of identities coalesced into a single reality.


Olivia recorded a short feature film in Tulum with various members of the residency, transferring her self-help principles to illustrate how to manifest oneself in one’s multiple identities simultaneously. ‘You too can realize, metabolize, and rationalize a multitude of yourself in the now!’ she karaoked, grooved and inspired the audience to join her on her journey.

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