S. Beckett Gookin - Biomimicry, Biohacking, and how it pertains to the arts.

S. Beckett Gookin presented  his investigations  into specific scientific advancement,  in this case with a lecture to show how  biomimicry is slowly becoming the same concept as biohacking as we begin to understand the   intricacies of our own bodies and can even hack into and monitor them. He talked  conceptually on how society is going to be impacted upon as a result of these changes and  on what developments could stem from these discoveries. EG. To demonstrate these development he used some of  his observations through biomimicry, such as a green fluorescent protein which has recently been discovered  in jellyfish and which can be cloned into bacteria and then used in a lot of medical procedures and as well  as in bio-art.


He then did a demonstration of how to graft different species of cactuses using cuttings and rubber bands in a participatory workshop with local children’s group La Esquina Foundation.

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