ADN Maya & Linces of Tulum

ADN MAYA & LINCES OF TULUM, broadcast live Alejandro Uh Noh for Radio Candela Mayan Radio station.


Renowned local Mayan rap band ADN MAYA did a special concert on the stage of the public Expo-feria where many of Tulum’s public concerts are staged for its residents. We invited them to collaborate with local school marching band ‘Linces of Tulum’ whom we discovered whilst they practiced on the streets of Tulum for the various competitions they are involved with.As the only school marching band with gender equality in the region we asked they and their band leader Jesus PatBoy to perform to celebrate International Women’s day.  ADN Maya are one of the most important players in the preservation of the Mayan Language, a language currently severely under threat of being forgotten. We wanted to try to engage and empower members of the Mayan speaking population in the town.


In past edition of AKI AORA we have been interested in the cultural heritage of the Mayan Language. This year we invited a radio station which broadcasts in the Mayan language, it is listened to through via an app by the fishermen at sea and across the regions, bridging the gap between various communities. We asked one of their presenters Alejandro Uh Noh aka ‘The Mayan Prince’ to interview the artists and comment on the exhibitions from their perspective. Alejandro has come back every  year to cover the projects live, for this edition he conducted a live broadcast of the ADN MAYA & Linces of Tulum and interviewed several of the other artists from the residency for his programme.

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