Rogelio Sosa -
Paraíso perdido

Inspired by John Milton´s Paradise lost poem, Rogelio´s work during AKI AORA focused on exploring themes of devastation of the environment and Mayan mythology using sound as the main medium. The research resulted in the deconstruction of prehispanic instruments played live via electronic devices that the artist operated during the piece accompanied by four actors throughout a two hour long play that combined ritualistic practice with synchronized actions that were meant to remind the audience of the demise of eden - alluding to a paradise that is eventually destroyed. Different narrations in Mayan language described the creation of the world and human being, with its descent towards death and the end of times. The Mayan narrations were intertwined by another voice in English that spoke of anthropological themes that study colonialism, savage man and shamanism.

Paraíso perdido is a project curated by Sally Montes and Mascha Isserlis, released in collaboration with Una Pardo, Nabil Salazar, Alberto?,Ariel? From Rancho San Eric and Alejandro from Radio Candela.

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