Interspecifics -
Species Resiliens

In the first two weeks of February 2018 we began an artistic exploration in Tulum, Mexico during which we found a radical marine pollution in ltrating in the landscape: contemporary symbiotic relationships in which different forms of life inevitably were coexisting with plastic and other human waste.

With the use of a self-built microscope we took on the task of monitoring on a small scale the forms that these new symbiosis were throwing at us in order to express the poetics of resilience. In the microscopic domain, all forms remind us that life is a platform for abundant materiality, that the non-organic is also a natural physical arrangement; and that the ocean shapes our plastics in the same way as the rest of material waste giving genesis to hybrid species. This con rmed to us that nature always wins. In this live performance we use the microscope as a living sound interface, the poetics of resilience expressed in sound and sound as a bridge connecting species.

Leslie Garcia and Paloma Lopez

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