Ahmet Ögüt -
The Missing T

Artist has been observing facts about Tulum that appears at first in surreal manner, as writer Sezgin Boynik refers “social surrealism” when talking about Ögüt’s artistic practice.

Things which can be observed from the daily social-political life of the community, like the abandoned sign of the name of the town or recently fired policemen after they protested for forty five days to gain basic rights for their own safety. As they need to buy even their own uniforms and equipment, pay their own healthcare and even pay for their own accommodation during the trainings.

Ögüt coded his film using Mayan traditions and language like the Obsidian black stone, which was used by the Mayans to watch the sun eclipses.

Artist unifies the stories in his film around the original letter T which was missing and uses it as a red thread which connects the narrative and creates a poetic twist to the video work.

ah1 (1).png