2018 -


AKI AORA 2018 Edition 2
Public Programme - March 11th - 17th 2018, Tulum.

AKI AORA is an annual artist residency in Tulum, Mexico founded by artist Sally Montes who grew up in the area. Over several weeks each resident artist is invited to select and explore areas of the local community or history and generate projects that include some form of collaboration between Quintana Roo’s local industries, communities, and workers in the creation of their work. This engagement with the local community is vital to the residency.

In its second edition, AKI AORA invited: Taus Makhacheva (Russia), Invasorix (Mexico), Mario García Torres (Mexico), Ahmet Ogut (Turkey), Interspecifics (Mexico), Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (United States), Pantha du Prince (Germany), Rogelio Sosa (Mexico), Paul Miller, known as DJ Spooky (United States), Mariana David (Mexico) and Nika Chilewich (United States).

The artists worked with various local communities, including the Mayan-language radio station Radio Candela, as well as with local police, amateur actors, artists, musicians and members of the tourist services industry, such as tour guides and cooks.


Interspecifics - Species Resiliens . 2018. © AKI AORA


Rogelio Sosa. Paraíso Perdido. 2018. © AKI AORA